Zagreb’s Christmas markets shine with holiday cheer

Zagreb’s Christmas markets shine with holiday cheer

Travellers lucky enough to experience Zagreb in December will find Christmas lights and motifs enveloping the city streets, buildings and parks generating a magical atmosphere, Christmas markets, choir ensembles, balcony concerts, fairs, carols, pop-up stalls, ice rinks, live nativity scene and art and crafts, and that’s just the start.

Zagreb Advent begins when the first Advent candle is lit, after which the fun begins to flow out into the streets. Christmas Market stalls flood the city, attracting visitors with delicious food, which ranges in style from local classics to international fusion.

A live nativity scene is set up in front of Zagreb Cathedral, and each of the city’s squares has its own unique ambience. Zrinjevac Park is for enjoying a waltz or listening to choirs singing carols, while King Tomislav Square attracts throngs of skaters with its magnificent Ice Park. Every year Advent in Zagreb is a bit different – new locations and events are constantly popping up, ensuring additional elements of surprise and delight.

The sight and sounds of Zagreb amateur choirs singing Christmas carols inside the 1891 Zrinjevac Park Pavilion provides memorable moments complete with a festive soundtrack. The park’s snow-covered plane-trees and charming wooden huts selling traditional food and drink only add further magic to the experience.

Zagreb’s Christmas market is also the best place to do Christmas shopping. As well as offering delicious holiday food, market stalls are stacked high with handmade souvenirs including gingerbread hearts (licitari), local honey cookies and many other goodies that can only be found in Zagreb.

Meanwhile the scent and aroma of mulled wine provides the perfect sensory experience, plus hands are kept warm and cozy when they’re wrapped around a steaming mug. Visitors really do sense Advent is here, in preparation for the true meaning of Christmas.


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