Bookings open for Virgin Voyages’ new Valiant Lady

TDC travel agents set sail on Virgin Voyages fam

On two mornings during the fam, Virgin Voyages held classroom trainings with Adam from the ship’s Future Sales Team, which also included a meet and greet with Captain Giovanni and senior officers. Agents also learned how to use the Virgin Voyages app, which allows passengers to book or modify their attendance to shows, group fitness classes or dining reservations.

“Most of the travel professionals present knew exactly who they were going to be offering this experience to: adults looking for a more sophisticated, adult atmosphere, those who value health and wellness, and those who want to set the pace for their own vacation,” said Sandra Wesson, Director of Industry Relations for TDC who accompanied the group.

Wesson, who noted that TDC first added Virgin Voyages to its list of preferred partners in September 2020, added that participating agents were able to see for themselves the difference in cruise experience offered by Virgin Voyages.

“Cruise lovers will be very excited to discover what Virgin Voyages has to offer: an inclusive and diverse, adults-only experience with an average Sailor age of 45 years of age, where everyone young and young-at-heart can enjoy a safe and enjoyable cruise experience,” she said. “You won’t be constrained by any dress code, and the pace of the trip is set by the Sailor themselves via an app that allows everyone to make the most out of their cruise experience.”

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