Palladium Hotel Group hires Corporate Sr. Director of Social Responsibility

Palladium Hotel Group hires Corporate Sr. Director of Social Responsibility

With Juste’s appointment, Palladium Hotel Group says it will consolidate its measures focused on protecting the environment and the principles of circular economy, while highlighting a special focus on the nearly 13,000 employees of the hotel group, their family environment and the local communities in which the group operates throughout six countries, located in Europe and America.

Says Jesús Sobrino, CEO of Palladium Hotel Group: “We are proud to continue building solid foundations for the sustainable growth of our company, which has been working for some time on the implementation of different measures related to the protection and care of the environment. In accordance with one of our premises as a group of always putting people at the centre, we will implement projects specifically focused on increasing the real positive impact on our collaborators, their family environment and the local communities of the destinations in which we operate. Our objective is to contribute our grain of sand to improve the future prospects of those who are closest to us.”

Juste added: “I assume this role with great enthusiasm and excitement to join this business group which is full of growth and whose commitment to the environment and society has increased over the years. The group’s vision focuses on developing initiatives with local communities working hand-in-hand, supporting and accompanying the people who make them. I appreciate the trust placed in me to lead this project. We will work to design and manage initiatives that support the people who are part of the Palladium Hotel Group and the communities where we operate. We seek to create the necessary impact and transformation in our environment, always under our sustainability criteria.”

Palladium Hotel Group has developed through the last 50 years of experience various Corporate Social Responsibility actions in different areas, always adhering to three main focuses: the circular economy, the environment and the social ambit.

Now the hotel group is going a step further in its commitment, especially relevant to people; focusing on providing support, offering training and education opportunities, which allow access to the labour market. The premise? The best social assistance is employment.

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