Now Playing In L.A.

Now Playing In L.A.

Celebrating The Spontaneity And Freedom Of The City Of Angels

“The pandemic has changed travel behaviours in various ways,” observed Adam Burke, President & CEO, Los Angeles Tourism, before continuing, “after not being able to travel for two years, visitors are more intentional about what destinations they choose and seeking places that cater to a variety of their interests.”

And clearly, Burke has no doubt that this bodes well for L.A.

In fact, he points out that: “Today’s travellers want to know that they’re getting the most accurate, current information from a trusted source – both to avoid any challenges and to make the most of their time in a destination. As a result, travel planners are absolutely vital to our success.”

For the full story, check out the October 17, 2022 issue of CANADIAN TRAVEL PRESS.






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