LGU postpones Part 2 of ‘Burnout’ series to Dec. 8

LGU postpones Part 2 of ‘Burnout’ series to Dec. 8

The ‘BURNOUT’ series is the latest from Let’s Get Uncomfortable (LGU), a volunteer organization dedicated to addressing difficult topics in Canada’s travel industry. Part 1 of the series took place Oct. 11 and addressed the current structures of mental health support that exist within the tourism industry.

Part 2 will deal specifically with how to balance mental health with demanding careers in travel, particularly with the added challenge of the pandemic.

Proceeds from the event will go toward compensating panelists, Tickets are on a sliding scale, with three options to choose from:

  • Free, for individuals in a restrictive financial position
  • $15, for individuals looking to contribute to the cause
  • $50, for individuals and organizations able to make a more substantial contribution

To register for Part 2, go to @lgutourism on Instagram.

For more information contact letsgetuncomfortableevent@gmail.com.

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