Jamaica launches new ‘Come Back’ ad campaign

Jamaica launches new ‘Come Back’ ad campaign

The campaign’s aim was to create aspirational itineraries tailored to three distinct personas: Adventure Seekers, representing a younger demographic discovering Jamaica for the first time; Family Planners, representing the young family demographic experiencing a long-anticipated family vacation; and Seasoned Travellers, representing an older demographic that has likely visited Jamaica previously. The itineraries are each designed to highlight an array of adventurous, romantic, luxurious, fun and mouthwatering moments to inspire travellers to visit Jamaica.

According to Edmund Bartlett, Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism, the campaign comes perfectly timed with the destination’s high visitor arrivals, which are exceeding pre-COVID-19 levels.

“While everyone has been impacted by the pandemic, we want to let everyone know that Jamaica is good for the spirit. Therefore, it is the ideal destination to help people rediscover their sense of adventure, natural curiosity, human connection and ultimately realize their most valuable human potential,” said the Minister.

Donovan White, Director of Tourism, Jamaica Tourist Board, added: “We felt it was important to really show people what Jamaica is all about and what differentiates it from other competitive destinations. While we have plenty of sun, sea and sand, it’s our uniquely Jamaican culture – from our music to our food to our people – that really distinguishes us. It’s the reason travellers choose to come here, so they can experience and connect with our vibe that comes alive.”

To view the commercial click here. For more information on travel to Jamaica go to www.visitjamaica.com.

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