Indulge in ‘The Art of Life’ with Zoëtry’s add-on package

Indulge in ‘The Art of Life’ with Zoëtry’s add-on package

“Zoëtry is more than a physical destination – it is a state of being,” says the hotel brand, part of AMR Collection. “Guests can awaken senses with pampering services, embrace the moment with curated cuisine and participate in enriching experiences, all thoughtfully crafted to celebrate ‘The Art of Life’.”

Drawing on the key pillars of ‘Discover,’ ‘Awaken’ and ‘Embrace,’ the brand adds that during their stay, guests can discover ‘Endless Privileges’ with every luxury included, tranquil and intimate settings and private and spacious accommodations; awaken their sense of well-being and a feeling of rejuvenation; and embrace cultural immersion and self-discovery.

“Zoëtry is embracing the best life has to offer and cultivating moments that matter in an awe-inspiring, boutique setting,” the brand adds. “Let us transport you to a Zoëtry state of mind.”


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