Corporate Traveller Has A Plan

Corporate Traveller Has A Plan

With global business travel bookings now exceeding pre-pandemic levels, there is little doubt that SMEs are playing an outsized role in economic recovery. According to business travel specialist Corporate Traveller, clients have cited reconnecting in real life as the main driver of their return to travel and the vital factor for business success.

With 16,000 clients globally, Tom Walley, Corporate Traveller’s Global Managing Director is attuned to their needs and believes that boosting efficiency and productivity is crucial to smart recovery.

Said Walledy: “As the backbone of the economy, SMEs account for the majority of businesses worldwide and are important contributors to job creation. At Corporate Traveller, we play our part in supporting this dynamic segment through a range of travel management services as well as informative resources.”

He revealed the SME travel segment leader has tapped decades of industry know-how to produce the Business Travel Game Plan, an easy-to-use playbook that drills down on the essentials to help SMEs gain more visibility and control over their business travel programs.

Walley said: “We recognize that SMEs are adjusting to new priorities as they propel their businesses forward in this changed world. Through the Business Travel Game Plan, we have set out to show that by adopting an inclusive and more unified approach to travel, this translates into more savings, greater insight and business success. We know that when a travel program goes well, it actually helps our customers win.”

Available to read and download via the Corporate Traveller website, the playbook shines a light on eight core areas including sustainability, technology, service and more, to optimize program performance.

A variety of educational assets show businesses how to assess and address pain points to gain better oversight over how to organize and improve the management of their travel.

Tools like the Savings Calculator can be applied to track spending, while guidance on the Duty of Care essentials prepares travellers for any hitches before, during and after trips. These are just some of the helpful resources available.

Each section features a handy ‘score card’ to enable users to identify where the gaps are in their current programs and provides recommendations on how to get back on track.

In keeping with the company’s customer-centric approach, the Business Travel Game Plan also shares examples of relevant client challenges resolved with Corporate Traveller’s guidance. It envisaged this content will appeal to both growing SMEs that typically organize their own travel, as well as benefit companies looking for advice as they reconsider their own programs.

Said Walley: “Post pandemic travel is complex and not without its challenges for SMEs. By sharing vital guidance from Corporate Traveller’s team of travel pros, we hope that this playbook will encourage them to reassess and improve how they currently manage their business travel.”

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