Air Transat’s summer 2023 program has 275 weekly flights to 40+ destinations

Air Transat debuts ‘Come Back Changed’ promotional campaign and pricing

‘Come Back Changed’ supports the airline’s new brand positioning and its tagline ‘Travel Moves Us’, launched in October 2022.

“Come Back Changed is the latest expression of our new brand role, which is to foster openness,” says Joseph Adamo, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Transat. “It’s a concrete example of how travel can open us to the world and be transformative, regardless of the reason for the trip.”

Brian Gill, Creative Director at Sid Lee, the agency behind the campaigns, adds: “The campaign focuses on the traveller, not the season, which is unusual in the travel industry. Rather than simply saying ‘Escape Winter’, ‘Come Back Changed’ is about the benefits of travel on the individual and how it brings us closer to our best selves.”

Special pricing rolled out with the ‘Come Back Changed’ campaign includes roundtrip flights south from $399, one-way flights to Florida from $150 and South packages from $889.


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