ACTA submits pre-budget 2023 consultation paper to Finance Committee

ACTA’s new survey seeks input on TICO funding model and Comp Fund

ACTA’s new survey, launched today, seeks feedback on how travel agencies and independent travel agents see TICO’s role evolving in the future.

Travel agencies and independent travel agents are encouraged to submit feedback by 5 p.m. ET on October 26 to ensure it is analyzed in advance of ACTA’s end-of-month government submission.

“Travel agencies and independent travel agent consultation is an important step in ACTA’s advocacy strategy to ensure the voice of the retail industry is accurately represented,” said Paradis. “This includes meetings with industry leaders and member-wide surveying.”

Paradis says ACTA has also recently reactivated its provincial and industry advocacy efforts to limit red-tape and support a resilient business environment, adding that ACTA is poised to act in all parts of the country for travel agencies and independent travel agents.

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